Frequently Asked Questions

How long do The Emerald Thieves take to set up all band equipment?

The band require one full hour from the time they are allowed access to the room or performance area. If access to the room is complicated by flights of stairs or guests blocking the path to the stage then a little extra time may be needed. Please note: if meals or speeches happen to run late they may delay the bands scheduled starting time as one full hour will always be required to prepare for the show.

How much space do the band need?

There are five band members so a minimum performance area of 6m x 3m is preferable for best effect, however we can be more compact when required. If space is very limited then it is usually best not to book a stage for your band.

How much does it cost to hire The Emerald Thieves?

It really depends on the type of event, duration of performance, time of year and distance from base. These are factors which make every booking unique and influence the total cost.  However, a £100 reservation fee is all that is required to secure any date in the band calendar.

How long does the band play for?

The Emerald Thieves will perform for 100 minutes plus encore between 8pm - midnight.

Ultimately the choice is yours but our experience of weddings and corporate events leads us to recommend 2x 50-minute sets with an interval for buffet. Alternatively, a 100-minute, late-night party set would allow extra time to mingle and enjoy drinks before the dancing commences.

Do Emerald Thieves offer DJ or wedding disco services?

Yes, we offer both 'band-only' and 'band + background / disco music' packages at prices to match your budget. Services can be extended to finish at 1am. We also have a selection of professional DJ's available to compere your event and keep the party going.  Please enquire for prices.

Do the band supply sound system and lights?

Yes, absolutely. The Emerald Thieves carry an RCF TT sound system which offers Professional Tour Grade audio quality in a compact form suitable for wedding venues. Modern LED lighting is used to tastefully illuminate the band area without being over-the-top.

Do I need to provide anything for the band?

It's a long day for everyone, including the band, so some light refreshments are always appreciated. During long waiting periods somewhere to relax between performances, get changed and store road cases out of sight is always useful, if available.

Can we just pay for our wedding on the night?

No, sorry. All balance payments are to be settled 30 days before the event. No-one needs the responsibility of carrying a cash-filled envelope around, that's just an accident waiting to happen.

As with all wedding suppliers, please make payment in advance. Thank you.